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Working against time, Kimly-Shimizu digitises its work methodology

- 3 min read

- 3 min read

The Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) consists of 2 inpatient blocks, 428 beds, a break off from patient block to adminstrative block which includes a total of 10 floors and 5 floors for wards. With a site area of 11,600 sqm and GFA of 5200 sqm2, it is not going to be easy to deliver a project of this size within stipulated time.

As the piling work was delayed, Kimly-Shimiz needed to catch up on other phases of the building life cycle. Kimly-Shimizu was racing against time as the project is constrained to just 22 months for the 10 storey building. On top of it, there is no E.O.T(no extended time). MOH requires patient to be allocated there by 22 months.


For inspections preparation, a stuff needs to manually take notes, key plans, routing, scheduling key people involved in the project. In the traditional process, they need at least 3 to 4 weeks for preparation, with additional 3 to 4 days for schedule inspection. The team spent alot of time preparing inspection, notifying parties involved and assembling relevent site people. Plannning team also required to prepare all documents in paper.


Kimly (SG) - Shimizu (JAPAN) is a joint project to construct Yishun Community Hospital (YCH). The $320 million Yishun Community Hospital opened its doors to patients since December 2015, followed by Outpatient facilities such as the Day Rehabilitation Centre and the National Geriatric Education & Research Institute progressively. Yishun Community Hospital is linked directly to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) at Yishun Central which ensures that patients can be transferred easily for the next stage of their recovery. Construction period is 22 months (3 Feb 2014 to 3 Dec 2015).

Our answer? Finalcad support team proposed Defect Management for Handover and DLP.

Typcially at the Handover phase, a lot of time is wasted as many inspections are carried out amongst different stakeholders. A single defect might possibly cause a delay in the timeline. FINALCAD eliminates this issue by empowering users to record issues in details, accurately and then effectively disseminate information to respective stakeholders. The Handover phase for the project started in September 2015. Within 2 months of usage, client is able to meet the schedule. By Dec 2015 , client was able to turn over the TOP date and within the next 2 months, all issues were rectified.

“All the tools that you need is already there in Finalcad. Everybody is inside the Finalcad application, built in order and category. You are able to conduct inspection at anytime, anywhere, easily.”

Vincent Leal, Architectural Planning Coordinator, Kimly-Shimiz



Higher management requires important data such as how many inspections and comments generated. There is a lot of information to record down along with a need to it emised on paper, tabulation and. Now, all it takes is for user to synchronise and reports could be generated almost immediately.

“The Finalcad app is very user friendly and is very easy to navigate. All the information required was already pre-uploaded onto the app."

Yip Shaw Chong, Senior Project Manager, Kimly-Shimiz

While on site, client used to spent 2hrs to report 100 issues. Now it only takes them 30mins to report 100 issues. It used to take 1.5 days to prepare for a site visit (to prepare key plans,
routing, print form sheets, floor plan per area). Now it only takes 2 hours to prepare
  • Issuing reports to subcontractors used to take up 2 hours per day before. Now it just takes 5 minutes. Other cost benefits: visit preparation: 12 hours x 5 site engineers x 4 days a week x 25 (6 months) = 750 hours
    • Onsite savings: 1,5 hours x 5 site engineers x 4 days a week x 25 (6 months) = 6,000 hours
    • Generating reports: 1,9 hours a day x 4 days a week x 25 (6 months) = 190 hours
    • Total hours: 6,940
    • An hour's cost is $60.
    • Total savings on 6-months handover: $416,400

Finalcad provides mobile apps and predictive analytics that help construction stakeholders anticipate and fix issues found during the building’s journey.

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