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The Digitization of Roadworks with Eiffage Group

August 7, 2019    |     Geneviève Cassan

Eiffage Group began digitizing their construction fields back in 2012, starting with their building construction division. Due to the massive adoption of FINALCAD amongst this sector, they have now expanded the use of our digital products to other business units.


Before the use of FINALCAD's solution, Eiffage Infrastructures' road construction trades were struggling with too much paperwork, but also tons of digital photos captured on different devices to try and document life in the field. It was hard to keep track of everything, and communicate efficiently; not to mention how time-consuming life in the field was.

One of the main challenges according to Eiffage’s CEO, Benoît de Ruffray, was that Site Managers and Site Supervisors don’t communicate enough, which also means that executives don’t have access to enough information from the field. This results in a lack of global and reliable vision of what is happening on site, thus causing uncontrolled delays as well as an impact on profitability.


Not having to rely on verbal information, paper and untraceable photos has proven to be a major advantage to life in the field. According to Valentin Lebossé, Site Supervisor on Caen's Tramway project, the main benefits of using FINALCAD are: an improved time management and better internal and external communication. He estimates that the use of FINALCAD Live saves him a half-day of work every week.

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