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Owners & Developers

Icon representing an owner with a helmet on a construction site

Manage the performance of your projects through alerts, dashboards and advanced analytics. Ensure your execution conforms in terms of time, cost and quality. Promote the continuity and traceability of information in an “as-built” model.


To deliver a quality work on time and on the hour with zero defects is your main goal. FINALCAD allows you to:

  • Better follow the progress of your projects
  • Identify the reasons for delay and quality through predictive analytics
  • Visualise the state of your property and the necessary interventions
  • Record defects faster
  • Save all the data linked to the construction of your works for better traceability during the operational phase.

When used throughout the lifecycle of a work, FINALCAD provides a real health record for the building, that can be consulted and enriched during the operation of the project. All the data can be coupled directly in your 3D model if your model benefits from BIM.

CBC (VINCI Construction) doubles its productivity with FINALCAD


With more than 25 sporting and sports-related events per year, it is essential to continually follow the general state of the Stadium and its facilities. The QR codes installed during construction are reusable during the operation of the building.

Grégory Loquen

Method Manager, VINCI Facilities