An even more intuitive navigation experience



Introducing Interactive Maps

From FINALCAD 3.9 on, navigating in your projects is more intuitive and faster than ever before with interactive maps. In addition to the classic navigation in zones using the left-pane list, you can now* reach your zones with a single tap on the level map. 

In case you missed previous enhancements :

  • Layers browsing (introduced in 3.7)
  • Edition of zones from within the mobile app (introduced in 3.8)
  • Interactive maps (introduced in 3.9)

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*feature is available for all new pro projects. Feature also works for recent (created in the past ~2 months) pro projects. If you have a recent pro project and interactive maps don't work, or if you'd like an older project to benefit from interactive maps, please contact us.

Have an enhancement suggestion for FINALCAD? Let us know at, or tweet us @FINAL_CAD.