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"BIM with boots on" : a study by FINALCAD

"A BIM strategy will never be complete as long as it does not face the reality on the ground."


Key definitions, history of BIM, data opportunities in construction, stakeholders involved, but also obstacles to the implementation of BIM in the field... FINALCAD delivers in 56 pages the keys to understand the issues of "down" digital models on the job site.

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"BIM with boots on" at a glance...

 58 pages to master the challenges of Building Information Modelling on site :
  • Define the "as-built"
  • The origins of BIM and its tools
  • Data in construction
  • Stakeholders involved with BIM in the field
  • BIM 6D, with boots
  • BIM Collaboration Format
  • Benefits of putting boots on BIM
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