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FINALCAD and Roland Berger study on the digital transformation of construction sites

FINALCAD and Roland Berger, strategy consultancy, unveil a study on the digital transformation of worksites from a data perspective, prefaced by Axelle Lemaire, former secretary of state in charge of digital, Partner and director of Terra Numerata at Roland Berger .

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What strategy to generate productivity gains?

Collecting a large amount of data and processing it with state-of-the-art algorithms allows the emergence of new solutions. This new approach reduces the overall budget of a construction site and reduces delivery times. Today, wastes on a construction site represent 25% of the overall budget. Identifying defects ultimately allows companies to anticipate and erase them upstream, which in turn makes the workforce more efficient.


"Today, companies are struggling to capitalize on good practices and stem the bad: the lack of data prevents them from identifying them and prevents them from launching corrective actions."