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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Following the recent modernization of laws relating to computer data security and protection, new regulatory constraints are emerging.

With effect from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) set the first steps in this transformation in the field of IT security.

What are the impacts for FINALCAD?

FINALCAD currently meets the following guidelines:

  1. Creation and maintenance of a data processing register
  2. Nomination of a Data Protection Officer
  3. Verification of data transfers and possibility for the user to request them
  4. Impact analysis before the implementation of a data processing operation
  5. Easy access for the person to his data
  6. Notification of personal data violations
  7. Right to erase data ("Right to forget")

1 - Creation and maintenance of a processing register

FINALCAD has identified applications involving personal data and associated processing.

2 - Nomination of Data Protection Officers

Marc BOUREL, currently Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been appointed as Data Protection Officer (DPO).

3 - Check of data transfers and possibility for the user to request them

Transfers of personal data to foreign countries are now subject to verification of the guarantees offered by the laws of that country to preserve an equivalent level of security for the data. Article 45 of the Regulation provides that, ideally, the recipient country should be listed by the European Commission. Failing this, special guarantee clauses should be included in contracts, in addition to the possibility of using codes of conduct, certifications and other labels. In this case, it will not be necessary to obtain authorization from the national authority of the country of origin of the data.

Furthermore, Article 49 of the Regulation provides that, if the processing requires the consent of the person concerned, he must be informed of the transfer of his data and of the risks involved in the operation. This, of course, in order to allow the person to possibly withdraw his consent.

Data location of FINALCAD applications and sites

In practice, production data is hosted at Amazon Web Services, in DataCenters corresponding to distinct geographical areas:

  • Frankfurt for the Europe zone
  • Tokyo for the Asia-Pacific zone
  • Northern Virginia for the Americas zone

4 - Impact analysis before the implementation of a data processing operation

The GDPR thus introduces the concept of taking privacy into account from the design of the processing operation: the different obligations on data collection must be considered from the design of the data processing operation ("privacy protection from the design stage and by default").

FINALCAD carried out this impact assessment. All personal data managed by FINALCAD are recorded, by application. Their criticality is evaluated.

Product Managers have been made aware of the right to forget from the outset of application design. It is now necessary to accompany the teams for the implementation of this concept on the new solutions as well as on the old ones.

5 - Easy access for the person to his data

FINALCAD allows the transparency of personal data stored in its applications. The user can modify the data accessible to him.

6 - Notification of violation of personal data

In the event of an attack, intrusion, or any event involving the violation of your personal data, FINALCAD undertakes to notify the legal authorities as well as the users concerned by the violation of personal data.

7 - The right to forget

As required by the DGMP, you may contact us to request to be removed from our databases and applications.

To do so, please send a request to privacy@finalcad.com so that we proceed to the deletion if this deletion does not enter in contradiction with the legal constraints of traceability.

Use of your personal data by FINALCAD

The term "personal data" means any data that identifies an individual, including your full name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, data relating to your transactions on the Site and/or the Application, including subscriptions, and any other information you choose to provide about yourself.

What personal data do we collect?

  • Name
  • First name
  • Professional email address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Position / Function
  • Company Name
  • Type of company

What do we use this collected personal data for?

Depending on the type of relationship between us, uses vary:

  • Prospect / Person showing interest in our solutions/areas of activity :
    • Business prospecting, opportunity management
    • Sending of newsletters solicitations and promotional messages, invitations to events, mailings which systematically include information allowing you to manage your preferences of solicitation and if necessary to unsubscribe
  • Client / User:
    • Voting management account in the sense of sales administration of the term, including orders, invoices and contracts
    • Manage your access to our applications and associated sites
    • Send communications from our applications concerning the projects you are associated with (reports, alerts...)
    • Sending of NewsLetters solicitations and promotional messages
    • Management of unpaid debts and potential litigation regarding the use of our products and services
    • Managing people's opinions on products, services and content
    • Communication with you as part of the support you request

Do we sell / transfer your data to third parties?

FINALCAD will never transfer your personal data to third parties. The personal data collected will only be used for the purposes mentioned above.

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