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Organise collaboration between all stakeholders
in the most relevant way for your project management.

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Structure exchanges into work groups

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Structure exchanges into work groups

Whatever your objective, your projects involve several activities, teams and stakeholders. Create work groups on each subject that seems relevant and facilitates your project management.

Communicate with all stakeholders

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Communicate with all stakeholders

Every time you need to share information or discuss a specific topic, you can send a message to the dedicated work group. All the group’s members will be automatically notified and may answer immediately.

Give context to conversations with plans

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Give context to conversations with plans

To be more precise, add context to all your conversations by localising each element on the relevant plan.

Stay in contact with your projects

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Stay in contact with your projects

Follow all your sites’ newsfeeds. You know how projects move forward and what they have done today. Now you can optimise your visits and go to the sites requiring it the most.

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Simplify quality management and make sure your construction guidelines are applied on the field.



Manage teams and materials from your smartphone and share the project status with stakeholders.



Increase proactivity and responsiveness for all safety matters in your projects.