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A new year is the opportunity for construction companies to take stock of what did or did not work over the past year in order to draw conclusions and identify points for improvement. To carry out this review, construction companies equipped with a digital project management solution, such as Finalcad, can rely on consolidated data. This data comes in the form of performance indicators presented in dashboards that aggregate all the information collected on the sites during the different implementation phases. Once analysed, this data will allow you to steer your 2021 strategy and set your business on track in a continuous improvement approach to achieve better profitability in your future projects!

Identify errors to avoid duplicating them

Construction management and tracking software provides the possibility of categorising a large number of performance indicators using data collected throughout the year on construction sites. These KPIs are valuable for evaluating the quality of performance and identifying recurring problems. Thus, the analysis of reservations made at reception will allow you to implement actions to prevent their recurrence. The goal is thus to minimise subsequent interventions at reception and therefore the additional costs they generate, which cut into your margins. The analysis of the number and type of defects reported will also help define your new objectives in this area for the coming year.

Using the dashboards, you may find that a subcontractor working on your various sites stands out with an above-average number of errors. It may then be worth rethinking your partnership with this company, in order to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation in future deliveries.

Be part of a continual improvement approach

The dashboards provide an overview of the progress of your projects. They therefore help you to draw major conclusions on specific sites, but also to compare projects. You will thus be able to identify the factors for success or, on the contrary, those factors that have negatively impacted construction. With this valuable information, your company will be able to deploy the best practices to be replicated more widely and thus improve the transmission of knowledge within your teams.

In addition, KPI, such as the number and nature of accidents occurring over the year on construction sites, will be useful in adjusting or strengthening your occupational risk prevention policy.

Justify future digital investments

As an IT manager, it is up to you to analyse and cross-check this data to propose operational recommendations. Thanks to customised data exports, you will be able to adapt your proposals according to your contact person: project manager, site manager, managing director, etc.

This work is not only useful for your business, but also necessary for your credibility. Indeed, not only does it reinforce your choice to use a project management tool, but it will also allow you to define and prioritise your next digital developments. Thus, if you observe a recurrent failure to perform, you may suggest, with supporting evidence, the adoption of a solution to strengthen quality control.

This review period gives you the opportunity to consider the usefulness of a project management solution for your company and to make good resolutions for 2021!

Optimise your yearly reviews with Finalcad

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