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Facilitate digital innovation in your business

Take advantage of our APIs and AutoCAD plugin to connect your software, teams and processes.

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Take full advantage of your business tools by integrating with Finalcad One.

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Take full advantage of your business tools by integrating with Finalcad One.

Connect your solutions to Finalcad One to allow your teams to ensure digital continuity from design to delivery of your projects and unleash the full power of your information system for use by your employees. Encourage the dissemination of information to increase efficiency, extend the usefulness of existing software and bring new solutions to all users.

Finalcad APIs
Simplify integration, expand your business.


Finalcad APIs
Simplify integration, expand your business.

Connect your critical applications seamlessly and securely link up applications, processes and people in your business through Finalcad APIs. Allow your teams to organise agile data flows between your business software to offer customized digital experiences. Energise the commitment of your employees and make your organisation more efficient by offering new means of action.

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AutoCAD Plugin
Strengthen collaboration between engineering consultants and operational teams.


AutoCAD Plugin
Strengthen collaboration between engineering consultants and operational teams.

With Finalcad One CAD plugin, streamline exchanges between design teams and field teams and make your plans a real collaborative tool. Instantly structure and rework your plans from your design environment, providing on-site teams with the latest up-to-date versions that truly take into account their business challenges.

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Frequently asked questions

What software integrates with Finalcad One?

All your software can integrate with Finalcad One as long as you need to exchange shared information: ERP, CRM, HR Solution, Purchasing Solution, CMMS... You will find all the necessary elements and examples of integration scenarios on our developer portal.

Where to find documentation on Finalcad APIs?

You can access all the documentation needed by your teams on Finalcad APIs on the developer portal. You will find information about authentication, the definition of endpoints, associated methods and settings, as well as practical examples of integration cases.

Can plans be managed without using the plugin?

The plugin allows you to carry out complex operations on your plans with your internal and external design offices. It is complementary to the use of plans on Finalcad One mobile and web. You can also receive our support to work on your AutoCAD plans or if you do not have your own Autodesk AutoCAD's licence.

Who can set up integrations with Finalcad One?

All of our clients who have subscribed to an Enterprise Package can integrate Finalcad One into their information system. The implementation of inter-application interfaces can be managed by clients’ own technical teams, by Finalcad teams of experts or by certified integrators.

How can I benefit from the Finalcad One CAD plugin in AutoCAD?

The plugin allows you to manage and maintain your plans while remaining in your AutoCAD design software. All clients taking the Enterprise Package can download the plugin. If you would like to subscribe to an Enterprise Package, check out our offers.