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Digital transformation of the construction industry has matured over the past few years, and Finalcad had to reflect this change. Thus, we are thrilled to introduce our new manifesto.

Back in 2015, we launched our first "manifesto" to express our purpose of changing the way the world is built by starting from the ground up. Three years later, Finalcad has expanded its industry coverage from buildings to infrastructure and energy systems. In the meantime, we also found out what the 3 key ingredients were for a successful digital transformation of the construction industry: software, people, and data.

Let's start with software

Obviously, software is the foundation of any digital transformation. That being said, not all pieces of software are born equal. Being mobile-first, for instance, is a key factor for adoption by people in the field. User friendliness and relevancy to industry processes are also crucial, if you don't want tablet devices to end up collecting dust on a shelf. 

People are the real deal 

Tech is important, but it is certainly not the core of the digital transformation. People are the heart of change. They can also be the main dissuasive element to digital transformation. Individuals have the ability to make any technological decision irrelevant by not adopting it. For change to happen, everyone - from skeptics to digital champions - has to share their experience whether it is good or bad.

Data changes everything 

Once you have the right technology, and people are actually using it, here comes the magic: data. With data, you can start understanding why projects are succeeding or failing. You can start learning, and improving from one project to another. You can enter a whole new world of predictive analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) augmenting human intelligence. Data changes everything. 

A new manifesto

To reflect these changes, we have updated our manifesto accordingly, while showcasing visually compelling projects from our awesome customers across Europe, Asia, and Americas. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did producing it!

The world is changing. And it's changing fast. The way we build needs to change along with it. We need buildings to live, work, and play. Infrastructure to connect people and places. And energy to build and run our cities.

There will be 10 billion of us soon. We aren’t building fast enough. Smart enough. Technology can help close the gap, but tech alone is not enough.

People are the heart of change. We need to put innovation in their hands. With software they can make their own; with partners they can rely on; with a digital solution that can follow them anywhere, across languages and cultures.With data insights, augmenting human intelligence.

Software, people and data are helping us to reinvent construction. It’s time to be the change to come. To shape it. To own it. It’s time to change the way the world is built.

It’s time to change the way we build.

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