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It’s been on everyone’s lips for the past few years: a goal of “zero defects” at handover!
 At the Defect Liability Period phase, how much time do you spent warranty its defects  and redeploying your teams on the project?  Too much time.  No  need to worry; there  is a solution to facilitate interactions in your  warranty  management. Ever more sitesupervisors are taking on the challenge of replacing a software suite with a tablet. The result is that information is centralized in a single tool, and you can move more quickly through your punch list. 

When managing defects on paper, too many of you are still undertaking no fewer than seven meticulous, time-consuming steps: visiting the field with all its plans; taking a photo of the defect; locating the defect on the right plan; retyping the defects in Excel with a detailed description; importing each photo into Excel and emailing it to the teams; sending reports; recalling the teams by telephone. You can lose on average a total of one day per week just entering information! And during that time, you’re not making any progress.  

If you want to send the punch list of defects to your subcontractors as easily and as quickly as possible, move to a tablet.

Go from 7 steps to 1 without changing your habits! 


"Today, with this type of solution, site engineer can truly be 100% at the field with subcontractors. They have more time to manage the field and spare themselves the need to do secretarial work at the office by entering the full list of snags."
David, Manager at Fayolle, France. 

The digital solution brings precision with geolocalization of defects on the plan. It also facilitates coordination with your contacts: subcontractors, clients, and buyers. Everyone stays updated. Quick exchanges of photos and comments save you many trips to the building site, phone calls, and emails. As a site engineer, you can keep an eye on productivity, identify who is struggling, and better anticipate issues in your plans, all from a distance. A thorn in your side that a simple tool can remove without adding any extra difficulty.  

You can locate your plans, snag, defects and photos on the tablet as if you were at the field. Just a few seconds to note, report, or share a snag; it’s quick and lets you take action. It’s done, and it’s in the tablet!

Have you already decided to move to a tablet and are looking for an application?
Often neglected at the moment of decision, ergonomics is one of the primary criteria for success amongst daily users. A good digital tool is based on site supervisors’ reflexes. It must be simple and easy to use.

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