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Paris, July 11, 2023 - Finalcad, a leader in digital solutions for construction, announces a master agreement with Razel-Bec, a leading reference in the public works industry. This multi-year agreement aims to deploy the STAIR tool though Finalcad in all of Razel-Bec's construction and QHSE processes, as well as Finalcad Construction Analytics, illustrating a common ambition to promote digital transformation in public works and infrastructure projects.


A cutting-edge integrated architecture, unique in the construction world

Most attempts at digitalization in the construction world are typically deployed at the scale of a construction site. Given the fundamentally decentralized culture of the sector, the disparity and very specific needs of each construction site, and the difficulty of generalization, few constructors have been able to select and deploy an enterprise solution.

In this context, the operational and management strategic challenge for Razel-Bec is the deployment on all its construction sites of a unique terrain tool that is mobile and easy to use, allowing for the capture, reporting, and consolidation of all construction site events, whether they relate to works monitoring, prevention of risks, environmental preservation, or compliance with best practices.

This reporting of information will make it possible to analyze field data in relation to company objectives on QHSE aspects (Quality, Hygiene, Safety, and Environment). Razel-Bec initiated this process of digitalization of its processes as early as 2016 with the Safenergy solution.

Razel-Bec is pleased to announce the selection of the Finalcad One platform to meet this major challenge of its digitalization. Indeed, following Finalcad's acquisition of the Safenergy solution and, consequently, the acquisition of QHSE skills within its solution, Finalcad One and Finalcad Construction Analytics meet the need for a mobile solution allowing for the implementation of a common approach covering all Razel-Bec business processes, in order to be able to exploit field data, analyze it, and implement action plans at the construction site, agency, and company levels. Other key selection criteria include: a proven solution, adaptable to any type of construction site, intuitive, quickly deployable autonomously, usable in France as well as internationally, with robust and sustainable architecture, and able to deliver professional services expected for enterprise deployments.

With this agreement, Finalcad demonstrates that digitalization of construction site tracking is not only applicable to the building world, but also to public works.

The adoption of this technology will optimize operational processes, minimize delays, reduce costs, and improve the quality and safety of the projects. This initiative makes Razel-Bec a pioneer in the public works industry, proving that the future of this sector also lies in digital innovation.


Collaboration after Finalcad's recent acquisition of Safenergy

This announcement follows the acquisition of Safenergy by Finalcad, which strengthened its position in the field of environmental and safety management on construction sites. Thanks to this acquisition, Finalcad now offers a more comprehensive and efficient solution to meet QHSE challenges. The partnership with Razel-Bec demonstrates the value of this acquisition and the combined strength of Finalcad and Safenergy in this mission.

Recent contracts won by Razel-Bec in France and internationally

Razel-Bec's 4,700 employees carry out 800 construction sites per year, representing nearly one billion euros in turnover. The group is continuing its development, both in France and internationally. Its projects demonstrate the trust placed by customers in Razel-Bec for the realization of their most ambitious infrastructure projects. The partnership with Finalcad, and the integration of Finalcad One into the tracking of all their construction sites, is another sign of Razel-Bec's continued commitment to operational excellence and innovation.

A shared QHSE commitment

Finalcad and Razel-Bec share a common vision: to place QSE management at the heart of their operations. The integration of Finalcad One into Razel-Bec's projects is tangible evidence of this commitment. The platform simplifies monitoring and tracking of QSE aspects on construction sites, giving teams immediate access to information, facilitating rapid communication in case of problems or potential risks, and deploying the group's processes in the field.

In addition, the use of Finalcad One will strengthen the effectiveness of QSE visits, inspections, audits, and awareness-raising and contribute to maintaining demanding standards of environmental performance, safety on construction sites, and quality of work. This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both companies to sustainability, safety, and excellence.





At Razel-Bec, we have always aimed to improve our practices and innovate to adapt to the constant and sustained evolution of the requirements of our numerous activities and contexts of execution. The digitalization of our processes is part of this approach. Our partnership with Finalcad marks a new step in our commitment to integrating innovation into our daily work. The Finalcad One platform allows us to improve the management of our construction sites, while strengthening our QSE and RSE commitments. We are eager to see how this collaboration will enhance our ability to carry out ever more complex construction sites, meeting the challenges of our customers and stakeholders.

Daniel Soldini, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director, Razel-Bec


We are absolutely delighted with this collaboration, which once again proves that the digital revolution, going well beyond simple progress in construction, influences every aspect of the sector, including civil engineering and more generally public works, alongside our partner Razel-Bec.

Joffroy Louchart, co-founder and account manager of Finalcad

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About Razel-Bec

Razel-Bec, a subsidiary of the Fayat Group (23,000 employees, €5.3 billion in turnover, 37% of which is international), manages complex large-scale projects and operates in all areas of public works: Major Infrastructures, Industrial & Nuclear Civil Engineering, Underground Works, Linear Infrastructures and Earthworks (motorways, tramways, TGV, etc.), Airport Works, Dams, Environment & Urban Engineering. The synergy with the group allows Razel-Bec to offer a comprehensive offer and to meet the most ambitious projects in France and internationally.




About Finalcad

Finalcad has tasked itself with optimising the field experience of employees in the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. Using Finalcad helps to cut costs, improve safety, support continuous improvement and enhance efficiency through process digitization. In the last 10 years, Finalcad has supported more than 30,000 construction projects in 35 countries.

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