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Paris, April 4, 2023 - Finalcad, a leading editor of solutions dedicated to the digital transformation of the construction industry, announces that it has acquired all of Safenergy's intellectual property and customer contracts in order to integrate environmental and safety management functionalities into its Finalcad One construction site monitoring technology platform.

Finalcad is acquiring a key technology and know-how for the construction world: how to meet the challenges of preserving the environment and the safety on construction sites - in short, how to protect nature and people in the act of building.

The solution enables rapid diagnosis of risk situations, empowers all employees to report anomalies, and facilitates inspections and management visits, taking corrective action in real time. It also encourages continuous improvement and the preparation or maintenance of ISO 45001 certifications, and provides accurate dashboards for tracking quality, safety and QHSE awareness indicators.

This acquisition is dedicated to field and management teams (Construction Engineers, Foremen, Quality, Safety & Environment or QSE Managers, Project Directors and specialised companies). It enables them to collaborate and run efficient QSE inspection campaigns on their sites via control forms, analytics and digitised action plans. In particular, the solution provides operational management with real-time access to consolidated field data in order to monitor the progress of projects. This enables them to verify the correct implementation of quality plans and environmental and safety controls and to make the right decisions at company level.

While the QSE approach is sometimes entrusted to the teams of the same name, it is often more difficult to deploy it within the teams on the worksites. Safenergy's originality is to encourage this appropriation by the teams in the field, and especially by the foremen who themselves become the first players in this approach.

Finalcad's acquisition of Safenergy's intellectual property enables it to equip its clients to better meet the requirements imposed by environmental regulations. By putting this technology in the hands of foremen, companies can better control their operational processes, and in particular the traceability of soil and sediments, or the installation of renewable energy production equipment, such as solar panels or wind turbines, to cover part of the energy needs of projects.

With a common vision that puts field data at the centre, Finalcad and Safenergy are creating a solution that will address the Building, Public Works and Energy markets to help them achieve safer, more productive and more profitable projects.





Finalcad needed to strengthen its capacity to manage environmental and safety standards on construction sites, key success criteria for our construction clients in order to differentiate themselves and respond to the fundamental societal challenges they face. 
With this acquisition, it's done: Finalcad has become the leader in these areas, with an intuitive platform designed by and for the field and made for enterprise-wide deployment.

Pascal Laïk, CEO of Finalcad. 


The future of contractors' field systems consists of a unified digital tool for monitoring work and managing quality, the environment and safety. This system should allow us to centrally report all the events  and incidences from our sites, consolidate and analyse them in real time, and implement the necessary preventive and corrective actions as quickly as possible, as well as a plan for the continuous improvement of our practices. We are delighted with this acquisition which puts Finalcad at the heart of Razel-Bec's information systems.

Daniel Soldini, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director, Razel-Bec





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About Safenergy

Safenergy specialises in producing mobile field applications aimed at strengthening the safety culture among its clients, by digitalising QSE processes such as technical inspections, visits, audits and certifications. Founded in 2019, its clients include large industrial groups and SMEs in the construction, industry and energy sectors, with nearly 700 users, 1/2 Million data collected per year, and 10,000 hours saved by users annually.




About Finalcad

Finalcad has tasked itself with optimising the field experience of employees in the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. Using Finalcad helps to cut costs, improve safety, support continuous improvement and enhance efficiency through process digitization. In the last 10 years, Finalcad has supported more than 30,000 construction projects in 35 countries.

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