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Finding a Change Partner : the essential choice to success in your digitization

May 2, 2019

[digital transformation, ebook]

Finding the right partner to accompany you through digital transformation is essential to success. Don't underestimate that step when you decide to go digital. Take the time you need to select the one who best suits your needs. FINALCAD reviews what criteria you must consider before teaming up.

An outside supporter can view your organization with fresh and objective eyes, helping you see opportunities and obstacles you may otherwise miss. You may find the right partner at a consulting firm, or at one of your technology providers.
In either case, it should ideally be a team that shares your values, has change management expertise, and possesses deep knowledge of and experience with both construction and the latest technologies transforming construction.

Your partner should also have expertise with the foundational information technologies that are transforming all industries:
- big data management,
- advanced analytics (including machine learning and artificial intelligence),
- mobile and cloud computing,
- collaboration tools.
Also, global reach is a big plus if you are an international company operating in different locations with distinct local cultures.

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