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Since the beginning of our activities, we have spent time equipping professionals from the infrastructure industry with digital technologies to help them optimize their work. We have now developed a certain expertise that has proven to be efficient in the field, but to do so we first had to adapt to the infrastructure sector specificities by working on a wide scope of projects. These projects’ duration could vary between one week and a few years. The multi-location organisation and linear operations were some of the factors that were unfamiliar to Finalcad in comparison with building projects.


Our Experience

SNCF Réseau: Train track replacement works

In 2017, we had the opportunity to strengthen our infrastructure expertise by developing some new skills on a linear project. Indeed, our solution was used during the replacement works of the Paris-Bordeaux train track. It was one of the first digital experiences in the railway sector, in which SNCF Réseau is leading the way.



Eiffage Route: New trams in Caen and Bordeaux

In the context of our partnership with Eiffage Group for an acceleration and standardization of the digital transformation of its branches, we have worked collaboratively on the expansion of the solution’s adoption by road trades professionals. We started off with a pilot phase in 2017, then the mobile solution was generalized during the course of 2018 to equip Eiffage Route’s team members progressively.




PT PP: Building a new highway in Indonesia

In 2018, Indonesian specialist PT PP made the decision to initiate the digital transformation of its activities with Finalcad. A real-size test has been performed in Sumatra's new highway construction project named "Tol Trans Sumatera" before a larger scale deployment on the 2,000 km of this project.



Multiple Organisational Benefits

Based on the success stories aforementioned, we can testify that digital transformation has truly started making its way across infrastructure projects. With the information collected by field teams via Finalcad, executives can have a clear vision of the solution’s usage, but they also get a good understanding of the types of events occurring on site. For instance, about ⅔ of field information added on Finalcad is about work progress and good news, which is a great way to document what has been accomplished.

On the other hand, about a quarter of observations are related to issues and might affect operations. However, since these problems can now be communicated quickly and precisely, it becomes much easier to solve them in less time. Furthermore, the solution allows real time feedback from the field, which is a way to strengthen a continuous improvement approach.

Beyond productivity gains, clients can elaborate action plans to reduce or eliminate recurring issues. The implementation of a flexible reporting system at various organizational levels fosters feedback sharing between teams, and gives the ability to quickly identify solutions that have already been used to solve problems already encountered.



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