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Digital transformation for the construction industry in Korea | FINALCAD

November 6, 2017

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South Korea is known as the world's most tech-obsessed nation having the hightest internet penetration in Asia pacific. Standing with its reputation, high digital adaption rate to the whole industry in the country has became a driving force of economic growth and this trend is also taking a place in the constrcution industry without exception. However, has the construction industry responded well to the fast moving digital transformation?


The market for construction in South Korea has witnessed good growth in the last few years owing to increased construction activities in the region. Within the industry, many industry leaders such as HDC and Daewoo E&C are recognising the need to change, and expressing a willingness to do so. Nevertheless, there are stigmas preventing people from moving forward and these issues need to be deeply discussed: How can we use the latest ICT in the construction field and how global construction compaines are using ICT technology? FINALCAD and Peter&Dave are willing to answer to these questions during the seminar.



At this half day session, FINALCAD experts will present two case studies of digital transformation in global construction industry:

  • Case 1: Eiffage (digital transformation in domesticl level)
  • Case 2: Fujita (digital transformation at international level)

Through these 2 case studies, FINALCAD will share our insights on:

  • What are the obstacles and challenges?
  • What are the processes required?
  • What are the level of commitment needed?
  • What is the key criteria of success?
  • How to leverage the positive usage?

Speaker: Baptiste JOYEAUX, International Development Director of FINALCAD

Seminar details:

  • Title: EPC Solution Seminar for Smart and Innovative Construction
  • Date: 14th November 2017, Tuesday
  • Time: From 13:30 pm to 18:00 pm
  • Venue: Seoul Startup Hub (Seminar Room 1) | 21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Language: English (Korean translation will be provided)
  • Coffee and snack provided 

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the seminar! 



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