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All in a days work in Shimizu

February 7, 2017

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Know your priorities. For building construction, it is critical to supervise each single activity on site rather than spend too much time on documentation work in office. FINALCAD mobile app helps supervisors and engineers from Shimizu Corporation allocate more time on the field, rather than stuck in office doing paperwork.


Shimizu Corporation engaged FINALCAD for its structural work (quality control) and architectural works (quality control and defect management) for the Changi General Hospital Medical Centre project in Singapore. The Changi General Hospital (CGH) Medical Centre project consists of 3 story carparks, 9 levels of outpatient clinic and total floor area of 65K sqm. FINALCAD has since worked with Shimizu Corporation from 2015 and estimated to be completed by 2017.

“We find out that BIM as process and FINALCAD as software platform are good products in construction industry. We are delighted to have FINALCAD redefined our quality control checks. The team was impressed with FINALCAD’s expertise and experience.“

Atsushi Aoi, Project Manager, Shimizu Corporation

The Real Deal

Value proposition here is that FINALCAD makes it very easy for users to easily understand the specific position of structural works and make records swifty. Users are able to check on quality, report defects on site and then provide the appropriate documentation immediately.The only tool that an engineer needs is just his tablet/mobile - go on site, select from pre-defined list, take photo, input records and sync up whenever there is an Internet connection.

Reap the benefits:

  • Quality control checks now see a result of 60% reduction in paper wastage
  • The total time spent from submitting a control sheet till making a report sees a 40% reduction spent of time spent
  • Time and costs savings as follows:
    • 4 hours a day in time savings = 80 hours / month
    • 2 hours a week in archiving reports = 8 hours / month
    • Site engineeer hourly cost is $60, so savings are up to $5,280 / month
    • On the average 18 months project, potential savings of up to $95,040

True to its word. FINALCAD provides mobile apps and predictive analytics that help construction stakeholders anticipate and fix issues found during the building’s journey.

Find out what other business challenges we could help you solve!


FINALCAD launches its new app for Windows 10

Today, we are excited to share that the FINALCAD app for Windows 10 is available for Tablets and PCs to download from the windows store. You can download it here.

8 success tips for digital construction

The question is not whether the Digital Transformation is coming to the construction industry, but when, and how to best to embrace it. How do you get people on board? Where does one begin? Here are some insights.

Digital Transformation is a perennial topic across industries, with analysts and market leaders again kicking off the year with significant attention devoted to the latest trends in Digital Transformation: powerful analytics, artificial intelligence, accessibility, etc. While the construction industry lags other sectors in digitization, these trends are nonetheless beginning to surface in the industry as companies move forward carefully with digital transformation. While a few companies (primarily new market entrants) set high standards for digital construction in 2017, 2018 is emerging as the year a large number of industry incumbents take concrete steps to advance their own Digital Transformation. Here are a few of the reasons it is important to take action now, and some steps you can take to jump start your initiative.


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Change is concrete

At FINALCAD, we aim to change the way we build. We have already digitized the architectural work progress enabling issues management, form usage for quality controls and tasks advancement follow-up thanks to our mobile and tablet field apps. This allowed all stakeholders involved in a building or an infrastructure to collaborate more efficiently. Today, we’re taking it a step further by changing the way structural work is done and how progress is tracked on a construction site.

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