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In 2018, Indonesian specialist PT PP made the decision to initiate the digital transformation of its activities with Finalcad. A real-size test has been performed in Sumatra's new highway construction project named "Tol Trans Sumatera" before a larger scale deployment on the 2,000km of this project.


nullSteel reinforcement on Tol Trans Sumatera project 

Many factors have made such a large project possible. Firstly, Finalcad's solution is available in 35 different languages including Indonesian. Another important benefit is the ability to operate offline with the use of smartphone data. Then, local teams based in Indonesia and Singapore were able to provide thorough user trainings and reinforced change management. The latter advantage played the most important role during this process. Indeed, it has been crucial to the adoption of the mobile platform by PT PP's collaborators. The teams were able to find answers to their main problematics and accommodation requests, which are sometimes stronger in a cross-cultural context.


nullChange management improves adoption

Operational benefits were quickly observed too.

"With Finalcad, we can simplify the planning and controlling, and we can take action based on the reporting. The system connects all three parties: the general contractor, the owner and the consultant."

Mr. Burhanudin, Project Manager

Another advantage is moving from paper-based works and adopting real-time collaboration.

"By using Finalcad, our reporting is faster and everyone gets the field test results in real time. With this digital system, we gave up paper-based reports. They are available in real time on iPads and smartphones."

Mr. Clemens Buyung Abiyoga, Works Engineer


nullQuality controls are now done using smartphones


PT PP teams understand very well that digital transformation is a change of mindset above all. Like Darwis Hamzah mentions:

"Moving forward, we have to change. Change our mindset from a manual to a digital system. "

Mr. Darwis Hamzah, General Manager Infrastructure I Division


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