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Construction digitization : Lead from the top & empower from the bottom is the successful method

Once you found your right change partner, you will be able to draft a high-level vision of what your construction company can be, and develop a high-level road map for accomplishing your goals in terms of digital transformation. However, having a direction is not enough. Now, be careful to how you are going to share it internally.

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Finding a Change Partner : the essential choice to success in your digitization

Finding the right partner to accompany you through digital transformation is essential to success. Don't underestimate that step when you decide to go digital. Take the time you need to select the one who best suits your needs. FINALCAD reviews what criteria you must consider before teaming up.

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Change Your Mindset : the first step to digitization

It’s imperative, then, that construction companies who have not done so yet begin the process of digital transformation in order to compete with new market entrants (and their more reactive peers). But where does one begin?

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[e-Book] 8 steps to go digital as a construction company

Having worked with thousands of construction professionals over the past decade, we noticed how construction companies sometimes struggle to implement digital changes into their practice, particularly when it comes to field activities. However, succeed in  a digitisation strategy is not so complicated if you get the right keys.

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WICE Amsterdam: Empowering women in the construction industry

FINALCAD was thrilled to take part in Europe’s Women in Construction event that took place earlier this month in Amsterdam. The event was hosted by Maddox Events at Rai Conference Centre on December 5-6, and was a great success with about 400 construction professionals attending the conference.

Railworks & roadworks: How to better manage your infrastructure projects

Since the beginning of our activities, we have spent time equipping professionals from the infrastructure industry with digital technologies to help them optimize their work. We have now developed a certain expertise that has proven to be efficient in the field, but to do so we first had to adapt to the infrastructure sector specificities by working on a wide scope of projects.

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SNCF Réseau on track towards digital transformation

Just like many types of construction fields, railway projects are now adopting digital technologies. SNCF Réseau is a perfect example of a pioneering company in this specialized field. Full coverage below.

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An Indonesian highway to pave the way to Asia

In 2018, Indonesian specialist PT PP made the decision to initiate the digital transformation of its activities with FINALCAD. A real-size test has been performed in Sumatra's new highway construction project named "Tol Trans Sumatera" before a larger scale deployment on the 2,000km of this project.

Why manage your construction QHSE programs with a mobile solution?

Safety is of utmost importance in any construction project; whether it be in the building, infrastructure or energy sectors, it should always be a main preoccupation. Indeed, based on the latest published Eurostat data, more than 20% of all fatal accidents at work in Europe (EU28) happened within the construction industry. That makes it the industry with the highest number of fatal accidents.

Safety Management
Construction Safety
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