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Get started

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With Finalcad, you spend less time in the office re-keying information and building reports. Which means, you have more time to be productive on the field, but also means that you need more energy for your mobile devices. 

With the Finalcad power bank, we got you covered :) It has been specifically designed for the field:

  • Shockproof, dustproof and water-resistant
  • Can fully charge up to 4 smartphones or 1 tablet
  • Compatible with most Android devices, and Lightning-connector Apple devices
  • Also comes in with a LED torch!

How to WIN a FINALCAD power bank at BuildTech Asia 2016?

  1. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook
  2. Download Finalcad on the App Store or Google Play, and leave a review (if you like it!)
  3. Stop by our booth K09 at BuildTech Asia 2016 and grab your power bank!


*Subject to availability, within the limit of 100 power banks. 

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