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With billions of dollars investment in infrastructures development, from roads, railways, bridges, airports, seaports by the Indonesia government in order to encourage the economy growth of the country, plus all the high rise building coming in addition to city development, construction companies should have all the tools they need to deliver the target.

Why did Finalcad planned this?

Finalcad mission is helping our clients to digitize their construction process, and we are consistently working with clients to improve their process on doing the same. Since Finalcad presence in Indonesia a few months back, our approach was only in small scope and we want to speed up on preaching technology to our Indonesian construction stakeholder as we understand that construction companies in Indonesia need to deliver all the target in very limited time without compromising quality. There is no other way to transfer our knowledge on technology without reaching directly to construction professionals onsite. We are reaching out to government agencies and associations (ICA) to conduct the workshop session with specific topics depend on companies requirement on technology update. The first workshop session was conducted on May 23, 2017 with a large award winning contractor in Indonesia, PT. PP Persero Tbk.

What are the the takeaways for attendees?

This exclusive session allows us to directly speak to a range of stakeholders within PT. PP Persero Tbk. itself, ranging from end user to decision maker. The workshop session was carried out using a demo project and explanation on the Finalcad app in details. The session ended with a question & answer segment before a bonding lunch session.

At this 3 hour session, Finalcad shared our expertise on:

  • Why Finalcad came out with this innovative solution

  • Are Indonesians construction companies ready to up their game

  • Obstacles - challenges faced with BIM onsite and achieving target with BIM

  • How we help other companies mitigate risks, avoid business disruptions and ensure business continuity while undergoing digitalisation

  • What it means to go lean: Reducing wastage while increasing productivity sustainability

    What is the outcome for Finalcad?

In short, both parties benefited from the workshop; as we shared on our technological expertise, we gain valuable insights to understand our clients better. PT. PP Persero Tbk. give us some feedback and together we managed to pin point clearly what PT. PP Persero Tbk. needs.

Finalcad believes that a-one-size-fits-all solution no longer works in our era. The market is getting complex, challenges faced are getting complex and clients expectations are also getting more complex. Clients expect tailor-made solutions available to them swiftly. We need to directly address our client's painpoints. Henceforth, the first step is to find out exactly what they need.

“This workshop provides us with a platform to bridge the gap between Finalcad and our clients. Educating the market is an investment and this definitely produces the desired results for both of us”

Ruth Wijaya, Representative, Finalcad Indonesia

Find out what else we will be sharing at the next wokrshop session!

Sincerely yours,

Ivanmark Ong Keng Wee

Marketing Manager Asia


+65 9846 8239

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