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Press Release

Finalcad launches new mobile app for Apple Newton

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Paris, France, 1st April 2017 - Finalcad a global leader in mobile apps and predictive analytics for the field, today announced the launch of Finalcadfor Newton OS.

According to the report “Shaping the Future of Construction” from the World Economic Forum and prepared in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group, the construction industry has been slower than most industries to adopt innovative materials, technologies, and processes. Slow adoption of the latest technology includes mobile devices used on the field. This is why Finalcad is launching today a new mobile app for Apple Newton, a series of personal digital assistants first shipped in 1993.

“We recognize the fact that some of the players in the construction industry are a bit behind schedule in terms of digital hardware adoption, so we wanted to make sure that Finalcad could fit every mobile device on all major mobile platforms. The digital transformation can only happen if everyone is embarking the journey.” said Jimmy Louchart, President and CEO, Finalcad.

“Finalcad was already available on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms, but we wanted to go beyond. We encountered many technical challenges to adapt Finalcad to Newton OS, yet we managed to overcome them. We’re now thinking about adapting Finalcad to Palm OS as a next step to widen user adoption.” said Antoine Favreau, CTO, Finalcad.

Finalcad for Newton OS is available for download as of today on the Newton App Store. Finalcad recommends the Apple MessagePad 2100 and Newton OS 2.1 for optimal performance.

About Finalcad

Finalcad provides mobile apps and predictive analytics that lets contractors, architects and developers anticipate and fix issues found during a building’s lifecycle. Our mission: increase quality, reduce its cost and make it accessible to all. Since 2011, Finalcad has helped to deliver more than 15,000 projects in 35 countries and keeps on advancing the digital transition of the construction industry. To learn more, please visit www.finalcad.com.

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