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Paris, France, 15 March, 2018 - Finalcad today announced the launch of its new Windows 10 app. Finalcad is the only player in the digital transformation of construction with apps available on all three iOS, Android and Windows platforms, offering defect management, quality control and site progress monitoring.

With the launch of its Windows app in March 2013, Finalcad was the first digital construction app available on both iOS and Windows platforms. Finalcad today announced the launch of its new Windows 10 app, in line with the evolution of Microsoft's installed base in construction companies.

Gartner estimated that enterprise migration to Windows 10 should be the fastest of any operating system released by Microsoft[1]. Indeed, since the end of 2017, 85% of companies have at least started to deploy Windows 10 on their devices[2], with the objective of completing their migration in 2019, as the end of the support of Windows 7 was announced for 2020 .

Since January 2018, Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 in the worldwide market share of Windows versions globally. The share of Windows 10 was estimated over 43% in February 2018 worldwide, according to StatCounter[3].

Finalcad is the only player in the digital transformation of construction coming with an app available on the three major platforms iOS, Android and Windows, offering defect management, quality controls and site progress monitoring for structural works and secondary works.

This multi-platform deployment flexibility allows for a wide variety of use cases, while keeping a consistent user experience, optimal performance through native development on each platform, and seamless information sharing for end-users.

“What’s really nice about Finalcad is, we had iPads on our end and subcontractors had Microsoft Surface tablets, yet the app is available on all kinds of devices, so we were able to easily collaborate with all stakeholders and share more than 5,000 photos and more than 50,000 observations on this project.” said Daniel Maksimov, Project Manager at SEMAPA.

“While Finalcad is a mobile-first player, the plurality of the Windows platform allows to introduce a blend of uses for both the construction site and the site office. For instance, mimicking color highlighters on blueprints for structural works site progress with large touch screens, is a good example of collaborative and intuitive use that we have observed at some of our innovative customers.” said Eric Guesdon, VP Product at Finalcad.

The new Finalcad app for Windows 10 is available starting today on the Microsoft Store. It definitely replaces the previous Finalcad app for Windows 8.FINALCAD for Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface

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About Finalcad

Finalcad is a global leader in digital transformation for construction, infrastructure, energy and concessions. Its mobile apps and predictive analytics helps contractors, developers, architects and field operators with quality control, defect management and progress monitoring. Since 2011, Finalcad has been delivering more than 15,000 projects in 35 countries, and has secured over $22 million in funding from investors including Serena Capital, Aster Capital, and CapHorn Invest. For more information please visit www.finalcad.com

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