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Indonesia is a country with the largest construction market in Southeast Asia. The value of Indonesia's construction in 2017 is about US $ 354 billion.But the construction industry is also one that has a high level of risk. Various stakeholders in this industry still have difficulties in identifying such risks from the planning phase to handover.

About the conference

BIM is a digital methodology that utilizes data into a model. By  utilizing digital data as actualphysical conditions, the project can identify the risks optimally. The BIM (Building Information Modeling and data management involved in it, allows for the evolution of design and project operation becomes more reliable, faster and more efficient.A market leader within the industry, PT. PP Persero Tbk as took initiative to organize "Digital Construction Day 2017 " on 4th October which will consolidate all construction actors (regulators, contractors, consultants, and developers) in the construction world.


Having enjoyed a strong working relationship with PT.  PP Persero Tbk as in sharing  a common goal, Finalcad leverage on the conference to accelerate our industry revolution mission - to help our Indonesia counterparts to digitise their construction process. Since Finalcad established its presence in Indonesia a few months back, many constructions companies are starting to take notice of their current project management process.

What are the takeways for attendees? 

  • What happens if companies don't start to digitise the construction process?
  • How we help other companies mitigate risks, avoid business disruptions and ensure business continuity while undergoing digitalisation?
  • What it means for to go lean: Reducing wastage while increasing productivity sustainability?
  • Obstacles & challenges faced while intergrating BIM onsite.  Find out what strategies that construction companies have deployed to ensure successful continuity between design, construction and facility management Hands on Demo.

Experience the difference yourself! 

This innovative construction app empowers users to carry out quality control checks and capturing defects with ease.  For instance , we know that quality check requirements should be precise and verifiable, but the ease of getting around these documents is equally important as well know now that quality check requirement  and should now that quality check requirements and verifiable, but the ease of getting around these documents is equally important as well. Finalcad is the missing piece that connects and completes the construction process by bringing technology onto the field. 


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