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Following Finalcad’s presentation at the ICA Annual Member’s meeting and seminar held on May 6, 2015 in Jakarta, we wanted to give a summary of Finalcad’s products and benefits.

Finalcad’s mission is to improve the quality of the buildings, while reducing costs and keeping it accessible to all, in particular for people on the field. On the one hand, we’re able to give contractors’ top management a global understanding of their projects progress and quality levels on the other hand, our mobile platform is easy enough to be used by anyone on the construction site : through tablets or smartphones, information from the field can be collected to improve quality and reduce communication delays and errors between the various stakeholders.

Finalcad was launched in 2011, and has helped manage over 4,000 projects in 25 countries. We’re a team of 50 people with headquarters inFrance, with a high growth in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia.

Finalcad mobile app is available for iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows8 devices. As a matter of fact, we recently launched the Android app to support growth in the Southeast Asian region. You will want to read this announcement (in Bahasa Indonesia) to learn more. As of today, nearly 100,000 professionals have used Finalcad for their construction projects.

In a nutshell :

  • We help contractors being more efficient when driving projects, therefore helping them being more competitive on the marketplace. We are a mobile solution for people on site giving key indicators for directors and top management of major contractors. Our core mission is to use the power of digital tools in order to improve quality while lowering the costs.

To illustrate this, let us drive you through three case studies from projects in Malaysia : the Berjaya towers, the Matrade Exhibition Center, and a housing project of 200 villas in Selangor, Malaysia.

Finalcad case studies

Case study #1: Berjaya Towers

The Berjaya Towers was a complex project made of 180,000 sqm of offices and hotels. Our client had one objective on this project: reaching the international quality standards to satisfy their client. They wanted to be able to manage quality on a daily basis but it was very hard for them. They faced lots of problems with subcontractors and in particular the communication with them. They were having hard time communicating the quality expected. The main challenge: sub-contractors were coming from 15 different nationalities and the language barrier was a big issue. They needed to communicate quickly with their sub-contractors the quality required facing challenges of people not speaking the same language.

This is why Finalcad is available in 26 languages. In addition, users simply take pictures showing where the defects are. Reports made of pictures are self-explanatory and go beyond the barriers of language. Today, our client is capable of monitoring the quality regardless all different cultures among subcontractors.

Case study #2: Matrade Exhibition Center

Second case study is the Matrade exhibition center in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. The project was running over budget and over time. There was a strong need to better manage sub-contractors and project progress. They noticed that the progress was very slow but could not identify where this was coming from. They were aware that if you cannot identify the problem, you cannot solve it properly and cannot make any progress.

By implementing Finalcad, the client was able to track progress per zone but also per sub-contractor.

This kind of report helped them identify which sub-contractor was slowing down the project and take the decision to look for sub-contractor alternatives.

Case study #3: Selangor housing project (200 villas)

The third case study is a 200-villa project in Selangor Malaysia. The main challenge is to manage the quality over such a wide project. The manager and our client wanted to give to his team a platform where they could have everything on tablet so the people could stop carrying around drawings on paper. In addition, they encountered a manpower shortage in engineers.

Finalcad allowed them to carry the whole project on a tablet, with auto-location enabled because all villas look the same and they wanted to avoid mistakes when reporting. This gave the contractor the ability to save time, increase the productivity of key people in the company and to automate the communication.

Original article : FINALCAD, The Best Tool for Construction

Source : Asosiasi Kontraktor Indonesia (Indonesian Contractors Association)


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