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Introducing Finalcad Live Manager

- 2 min read

- 2 min read

We are delighted to be introducing the Finalcad Live Manager, the new tool of the Finalcad solutions.

Finalcad Live Manager is a powerful web platform with which you can manage all of your organization’s projects and collaborators.

A new user experience isn’t the only thing you can enjoy with the Finalcad Live Manager, thanks to its web interface. You can also keep up with what’s happening on your sites, round-the-clock.


Finalcad Live Manager in 3 key points


1. Project management

2- Projects ENG

Creation of projects, addition of drawings, editing of event categories, addition of processes.


2. Collaborator management

3- FCL Manager - Collaborators ENG

Addition and deletion.


3. Real-time visualization of your sites’ activity

4- Activity ENG

Find all events related to your construction sites.


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