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Railworks & roadworks: How to better manage your infrastructure projects

Since the beginning of our activities, we have spent time equipping professionals from the infrastructure industry with digital technologies to help them optimize their work. We have now developed a certain expertise that has proven to be efficient in the field, but to do so we first had to adapt to the infrastructure sector specificities by working on a wide scope of projects.

digital transformation
SNCF Réseau on track towards digital transformation

Just like many types of construction fields, railway projects are now adopting digital technologies. SNCF Réseau is a perfect example of a pioneering company in this specialized field. Full coverage below.

digital transformation
An Indonesian highway to pave the way to Asia

In 2018, Indonesian specialist PT PP made the decision to initiate the digital transformation of its activities with FINALCAD. A real-size test has been performed in Sumatra's new highway construction project named "Tol Trans Sumatera" before a larger scale deployment on the 2,000km of this project.

Why manage your construction QHSE programs with a mobile solution?

Safety is of utmost importance in any construction project; whether it be in the building, infrastructure or energy sectors, it should always be a main preoccupation. Indeed, based on the latest published Eurostat data, more than 20% of all fatal accidents at work in Europe (EU28) happened within the construction industry. That makes it the industry with the highest number of fatal accidents.

Safety Management
Construction Safety
How to boost digital adoption in construction fields

Digital transformation has gained so much popularity across all industries over the past decades; many companies have taken the plunge very quickly in order to lead the change. Some invested massive amounts of money in new digital technologies that they wanted to implement across their entire company.

Change Management
digital transformation
Empowering Construction Professionals with Data from the Field

The concept of data has been around for quite some time, and it has been discussed on numerous occasions by experts from all types of industries. In a world that now largely relies on digital technologies, data is inevitable; it is everywhere.

How To Digitise Your Building Construction Projects From Beginning To End

Since its creation, the FINALCAD app has helped thousands of professionals managing their construction sites. We’re proud to say that over 20,000 digital projects have been achieved using our technology.

BuiltWorlds Meetup Paris: a ConstructionTech Discussion

BuiltWorlds is a US-based tech-driven community in the built industry that is currently undertaking a European tour to learn more about construction practices and innovation in the Old Continent.

Japan - A Land Of New Opportunities in the Construction Sector

Part of becoming a global leader in the construction tech industry involved growing our business abroad. The Asia Pacific region (more commonly known as APAC) appealed to us for many reasons including the size of its market. 

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