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Change Your Mindset : the first step to digitization

It’s imperative, then, that construction companies who have not done so yet begin the process of digital transformation in order to compete with new market entrants (and their more reactive peers). But where does one begin?

digital transformation
[e-Book] 8 steps to go digital as a construction company

Having worked with thousands of construction professionals over the past decade, we noticed how construction companies sometimes struggle to implement digital changes into their practice, particularly when it comes to field activities. However, succeed in  a digitisation strategy is not so complicated if you get the right keys.

digital transformation
Railworks & roadworks: How to better manage your infrastructure projects

Since the beginning of our activities, we have spent time equipping professionals from the infrastructure industry with digital technologies to help them optimize their work. We have now developed a certain expertise that has proven to be efficient in the field, but to do so we first had to adapt to the infrastructure sector specificities by working on a wide scope of projects.

digital transformation
SNCF Réseau on track towards digital transformation

Just like many types of construction fields, railway projects are now adopting digital technologies. SNCF Réseau is a perfect example of a pioneering company in this specialized field. Full coverage below.

digital transformation
How to boost digital adoption in construction fields

Digital transformation has gained so much popularity across all industries over the past decades; many companies have taken the plunge very quickly in order to lead the change. Some invested massive amounts of money in new digital technologies that they wanted to implement across their entire company.

digital transformation
Change Management
Introducing a new manifesto to change the way we build

Digital transformation of the construction industry has matured over the past few years, and FINALCAD had to reflect this change. Thus, we are thrilled to introduce our new manifesto. 

digital transformation
Construction & Data Protection - What to expect when the GDPR comes into effect

At FINALCAD, we acknowledge that we live in an era where data privacy and cybersecurity are a crucial matter. In this article, you will learn what GDPR means for the construction industry, and how FINALCAD has been committed to data protection for its clients.

digital transformation
FINALCAD launches its new app for Windows 10

Today, we are excited to share that the FINALCAD app for Windows 10 is available for Tablets and PCs to download from the windows store. You can download it here.

digital transformation
the best success tips for digital construction

The question is not whether the Digital Transformation is coming to the construction industry, but when, and how to best to embrace it. How do you get people on board? Where does one begin? Here are some insights.

digital transformation
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