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Going Digital to Improve Quality: Bouygues Bâtiment Île-de-France Habitat Social Makes a Change!
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BIM: 3 Important Things to Know

Fifteen years ago, blueprints were still mostly created by hand using a drawing board, overlay, pens and even razor blades to remove the pen marks! Today, new technology has transformed how you build. You’re talking more and more about “BIM” in relation to your current and future projects, but what exactly does it mean? Here are the essentials you should know to take advantage of these benefits for your projects.

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Linked Devices : a Big Construction Project!

In the age of “Internet of everything”, devices communicate, collect data, and offer new services. For the construction sector, this provides a phenomenal opportunity to make lasting changes to work methods and procedures.   

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Pre-handover: 5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

In the weeks before handover, there is an increase in site visits and inspections to correct as many defects as possible. Are you behind in your Operations Prior to Handover (OPH) and hoping to increase productivity? Here are five tips that will help you during this key phase of your project.  

Defect Liability Period (DLP) : simplify your defect management

It’s been on everyone’s lips for the past few years: a goal of “zero defects” at handover!
At the Defect Liability Period phase, how much time do you spend
warranty with defects
and redeploying your teams on the project? Too much time. No need to worry; there is a solution
to facilitate interactions in your
warranty management. Ever more site supervisors are taking on the
challenge of replacing a software suite with a tablet. The result is that information is centralized
in a single tool, and you can move more quickly through your punch list. 

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Digital uses in Construction: leapfrog stages !

“Leapfrogging” is best known as a strategy of using advanced technology to enable developing countries to modernize rapidly and more sustainably than wealthy nations have done. But this concept is also applicable to the construction sector to enable it to catch up in terms of digitalization.

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How to adopt open innovation in your organization?

Your company plans is to launch on innovation? The principal recommendation it's to follow an "open innovation" strategy. The main idea of ​​this approach is to stimulate innovation in your business by introducing external ideas and technologies.

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Empower your site teams and go together towards digitization
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Big Data: a world of opportunities for construction
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